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Privacy - monitoring detection...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Please read the attachment from another forum where I very occasionally post...

As you can see I gave a very brief answer (correct I believe)...

Now I have this email from the guy:-


Due to the sensitive nature my posting was about (Invasion of Privacy), I thought I would send an email. How does one check to see if this has been carried out????

Best regards,
I thought I would post here for a comprehensive set of steps and advices because although I can offer my personal help I always find the community here tends to cover all the bases.

I do realise a key factor will be if the "invadee's" account has admin or not... we probably need to offer two sets of advices in that respect and maybe qualify my reply in so doing.

Looking forward to hearing back - also to introducing this poster to the superior community here to read the answers - feel it is likely he wil register if he wants to enter into dialog he'll have to anyway :)


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Hard to tell really, probably some type of Keylogger used that differs from program to program.

What is he trying to find out exactly?


Moozically Con~foozed
there are numerous products on the market for both corporate and personal use that will log all sorts of traffic

at the basic level a standard key looger would record all keystrokes to a temp file for review at a later date.

some of the more advanced loggers email or ftp results files to an offsite user at predefined intervals

there are products out there now that will screenscrape a live feed from the desktop to a remote terminal (see rAdmin abuse) ... these products work on a view only remote control mechanism allowing somebody to effectivly watch the screen in real time from another location.

finally ethically in the corporate world monitoring for the purpose of ensuring compliance, avoiding abuse claims and training is perfectly legal AS LONG as it is documented in a staff handbook/contract.
some countries allow this information to be admitted in court although a lot wont.
on a personal level ... when we are talking boyfriend / girlfriend ... the issue is trust and rather than try and break the system i would approach the trust issue with a view to getting the instigator to willingly remove the software. you can spend your entire life looking for spyware based keyloogers etc ... but this is the basic truth, if someone wants to track usage that bad ... they will always find away.

as far as MSN is concerned, there are a shed load of addins (including the default setup for MSN) that record conversations to a history file.

i hope that this is of some use.

if you want to know more ... pls feel free to msg me.

ideal resource is google-fu ... search for "Keylogger" and "corporate pc monitoring" for more information.

if this has been helpfull give the little gold star a tickle !!!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Uh oh - mooz and KC seem to have got the totally wrong end of the stick.

Perris seems on the ball, I think, but that is just one or two ideas (though probably "key" ones!)

The point is this is not about monitoring someone else - it is about the suspicion that this is already being undertaken and what steps could be taken to
a) verify if anything is being monitored
and presumably
b) disable and prevent such monitoring.

I reckon the reasons are pretty obvious - it is stated this is someones "ex" ;)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
ah well - the guy did not sign up to say it himself, so I shall say it for him...
Thanks for the link.

You were on the money ref the subject matter.

Good forum also...

many thanks,
(received by email today) :)

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