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Prisoner riddle...


I may actually be insane.
More Riddle, woo \o/

The King
In need of some amusement, the king, a very harsh man, had decided he was to challenge one of his current prisoners with a small test. The king was to place 2 marbles in to a pot which was secured to a table. One marble to be green, and the other blue. The pot was not transparent and could in no way be moved from the table.

The king proposed that if the prisoner could pick the green marble out of the pot, he would then be let free from the prison with his life, however if he picked the blue marble, he was to be executed.
The king decided to pick a mute prisoner to take the challenge, one of his guards was sent to the cells to fetch a prisoner, upon his return everything was explained to the prisoner and he agreed to the challenge.

The king being the mean man he was decided to evily place two blue marbles in the jar and no green marbles. The prisoner managed to witness the king doing this and realised there was absolutely no chance he could pick a green marble from the pot.

However, five minutes later, the prisoner was walking the streets outside of the prison, free with his life.

How did the prisoner escape with his life?

1. Don't post the answer here! The answer shall be posted 1 week from today.

2. Send the answer to myself via email or Private Message and your name shall be added to this post if your answer is correct. Don't ask for clue's via these methods as they shall not be answered, ask all questions in the thread.

3. Once you have guessed the answer correctly feel free to post clues for other users providing the clue you give does not make the answer too obvious.

Enjoy :p :D

Correct Answers
  1. Lee
  2. Benny
  3. Mainframeguy
  4. Nick


did I get it right? I know I changed colours of marbles as I don't like the colours you put down.....


I may actually be insane.
Ack, I may have made a mistake by typing 'pot' and 'jar' .. well they're both the same container, that was a simple mistake on my half, so the answer does not involve two containers. There is only one and all marbles are within it.


I may actually be insane.
Edited the first post to say pot instead of Jar, also if you sent me a correct answer and your name isn't on the first post, send it again because I deleted a load of my PM's the other day. :eek:


I may actually be insane.
The answer is: He danced like a pigeon whilst making giraffe noises.

The REAL answer is: The prisoner picked one marble out the jar and put it in his mouth and swallowed. The remaining marble was then blue, therefore the one which the prisoner swallowed must have been the green one, therefore the king had no choice but to let him go.

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