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Printing over the network



:( I have a problem networking using Windows XP. I am trying to share my printer over the network. I mean, not the LAN, but the internet, or maybe RAS.

I did the following to allow my users to print over my computer but everything failed.

1. Activated IIS on my windows XP machine, I allowed the use of my printer and shared my printer.

2. I asked the user to install it from the network and pointed it to http://my ip address/printers/<sharename>/.printer -- the printer is shown to be offline, but it is really online, properly connected to my computer and I can print locally. And I can even print to it "over the network" - I mean installing this printer and pointing it in a network location as shown above.

3. I also tried using \\<my ip address>\printers\<sharename>/.printer --- still not successful

if not using IIS, is there anything I can use to share my printer with anyone?

Btw, i am referring to someone who is running a Windows 98 and Windows ME Machine.

Any other solutions to this problem.

The problem reversed, is there any solution that a Windows 98/Me Machine share its resources/printer?

If not through the Internet, simply RAS, is this possible. I mean RAS as asking someone to dial into my modem, and configured my mahcine to accept incoming connections and provided a login and password for the dial up. This was successful, however I cant see the person's computer over the network using Network neighborhood, or my network places, instead, I use Remote Administrator 2.1 to see his files, as well as his monitor...

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you

afaik, u need NetBIOS enabled on your internet connection in order for the outsiders to see your printer/file shares. Enabling this should sort the problem without needing IIS - I can honestly say I've never seen the need for IIS.

You could also create a VPN connection - make your PC the receiving machine of VPN connections and set up a dial-in account on the outside PCs that you want to print from - enable NetBIOS over that and it'll print to \\ip_address\printername

Thats probably how I'd do it myself - although why do you want printing to be done from a PC outside? Are you hoping for people to just print random stuff out on your PC or something? lol

To allow a Win98/ME machine to share its printer - look at my Networking 98 with XP guide at http://www28.brinkster.com/jonathancain/jonz/tutorials/lan_xp98.shtml and look for the image explaining the sharing of files and printers on Win98 - do that on the 98/ME machine...


that was a helpful suggestion. I had a little trime, finding the enable netbios over tcp/ip, but i found it under WINS > enable Netbios Over TCP/IP.

What I mean is not networking with Windows 98, I mean, Sharing the Printer from a Windows 98 Machine, then a Windows XP Machine print from it.

With your above mentioned solution, does it mean, that it is no longer necessary to use IIS?



i am quite interested with the vpn solution you offered, but i have no idea, as in no idea about vpn, except for its definition. can you suggest any site that contains beginner information about VPN, its configurations, settings, and other stuffs related it to. Thankyou


i do not have a security problem with this.

1. because I have a dynamic IP for my internet connection so no one would know how to print in my printer, if I dont tell them my IP address.

2. I may be able to supply a password to the shared resource.

Another question is this, I currently have my own domain, however, I do not host it myself, and I may not be able to telnet to the server, is it possible that I share the printer through this domain name, so that it will not be changing every now and then.
i wanna make a few points...

1. nobody would need to know your IP to print to your printer if you enable netbios over tcp/ip - a simple port scan over an IP range would display the open port (119 i think it is) and people would attempt to get in the pc there. A password would be a good idea - just as long as its a strong password :)

2. the reason I gave you the link was not to create a 98 -> XP network - it was simply to show you how to get to file and printer sharing on a Win98/ME machine - I have screenshots on that webpage which show this :)

3. As for instructions on making a VPN, I will see if I can get a spare few mins tomorrow to type up a quick tutorial on how to set one up. It's 4.15am at the min, so I'm in need of sleep before anything else ;)

4. I wouldnt have said you needed IIS to start with, so I think it would be safe to get rid of it - I would only really use IIS if I wanted to have a temporary FTP or web server running.

I'll post more tomorrow if i get a min...


thank you thank you very much for your time... i'll be waiting for your next post. I visited the page. It was really really helpful, especially for a beginner


i tried enabling netbios over my tcp/ip connction of my internet, but still no luck. Its only my computer who can see itself, but the other computer cant, I used from run \\myip\sharename. Any more help.

How about the VPN? Was that succesful? Can you tell me me somethings about that?
check the firewalls... mainly the windows one - if you use zonealarm or something then allow the other IPs.

VPN Guide: http://www.rochester.edu/its/telecom/vpn/tutorials/winxpproregular.html

I would make a note of the external IPs of both sites and use them as and when needed while going through the above tutorial. I've not had much time available to make a tutorial myself, but will do when I get more time (using Win2K at work atm and am not too sure if there are differences in the setup of a VPN from WinXP).

It DOES work over a VPN though, but both machines need to be connected to the internet first and then initiate the VPN connection and send the printing to \\ip\printer (I think it was).


i do not use any fireall, and have disabled it from the advanced properties of my dial-up connection, but still no luck...

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