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Can anybody explain why I get poor quality images (low resolution / grainy) when I use the print wizard from both my Pictures and PictureIt. Using the same jpeg image with Windows 98 I get excellent results.
I use an HP DeskJet 895Cxi with the driver downloaded from XP when I first connected the printer.
I'm stumped and would appreciate any help.
hey d00d. I got the EXACT same printer as you(the top when I bought it 2 years ago). U gotta hit properties for the printer under the control panel and select Normal instead of econofast.
Thanks for the advice from the two replies but unfortunately I've tried printing without the Wizard by using Microsoft PictureIt and I've already got the printer set to maximum quality and appropriate paper with no success from either.
Has anybody got good results using the My Pictures printing wizard or is it just my PC (it's only a month old)??
You say you get excellent results from 98. Are you using the same printer, or did you get a different printer with the computer?
Same printer, same settings but now I'm using Windows XP with a P4 and lots more RAM etc. etc.
This is a USB printer right? I've been to HP's website and they say to use the Windows 2000 drivers for XP. Are those the drivers you have installed? You can go here to read about installation instructions and get the 2k drivers if needed:

If you need to get the 2k drivers use this path: On the page the above link takes you to there's a box with a link in it called "HP Deskjet 895cxi printer driver" in it. Click on this link. On the next page, click on the link for windows 2000 (If you click the XP link it will lead you in a circle that will bring you back to the page for the link here).

If you already have the 2k drivers installed you might want to look into USB driver and/or bios updates.

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