Printing from a Mac mini to a Laserjet 6p connected to a 2003 server box


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14 Oct 2006
As the title states, I am first and for most very very new to macs. A friend of mine had a spare older mac mini which he lent me. Anyway, I am trying to connect to my home networked printer which is an HP laserjet 6P connected to a Windows 2003 server box. I have downloaded the software from HP for the mac and have made the connection but when I print even a 1 page document from the mini it prints garbage and keeps printing like numerous pages at once. I have to turn the printer off in order for it to stop.

So my question is this, am I missing something in my config that would correct this issue?

As I mentioned I am very new to the mac world so please be patient.

I take it this is through Windows Printer Sharing?
That is correct. I have setup the 2003 server to be a print server and share the printer for the users on my home network. All pc's see and can print to the printer with no problems.

The version of Os on the mac mini is 10.6 if I recall correctly. Will reconfirm when I get home.

Have you tried installing this?


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I think you can also get Apple Bonjour for Windows as well now that I think about it, though that might only the client.
You should be able to just do it over Samba. Using the preferences for printers. Make sure you set it to print as a HP, as they use a special print driver, not Post Script and you should be set. I would always print to the printers at my high school by just adding them on my Mac.
Yeah, I would suggest Samba also. We use Windows desktops on campus, but run Unix and Linux servers which just emulate a Windows printing environment. It works great for printing to HP for us. Do a Google search for: SMB Samba ; you'll get lots of good info on how it works and how to configure.
With over Samba, I meant he should be able to add it in the Printer Preferences window. Not by configuring Samba itself.

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