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Printer Requires???


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My printer is Canons PIXMA iP6220D, was just wondering i guess i need to buy a USB to USB cable for connection????Is there a difference between ends(like male or female)????


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yes.. USB has multiple types of connectors..

A-Type (Male and Female)
B-Type (Male)
5 pin Mini-B (male)
4 pin Mini-B

And a newer format the Micro-A and Micro-B connectors starting to be seen more and more now.

Printers usually have a Male B connector on the printer.. and you need a Male A-Type to plug into most computers.

The mini (and Micro) are usually seen on cameras and phones.

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usb is standard, and i doubt that a printer even if its a shinny new one will need anything other than a bog standard usb cable


Woah.. I'm still here?
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so i need a cable that has firewire and usb ?????
why are you bringing firewire into the question? No one ever mentioned firewire. :) :p

The connectors I mentioned are all different USB connectors. But, as I also mentioned, 99% of the printers use a Male B connector on the printer with a Male A-Type to plug into the computers.

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