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I recently bought a router, and installed a couple of computers on it... the problem I'm having right now is installing a printer on it.

I plugged it into the router, and succeeded in installing the printer on one of the computers (I'm running XP on all of them of course), but now it wont work when I install it exactly the same way on the other computers. WHAT AM I TO DO?

Do you have to use different IPs to be able to connect to the printer or what? I coult probably attempt to share the printer on the computer that works, but wouldnt that mean that that one'd have to be turned on for the others to be able to print... its just wierd...

Thankful for some help...

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I’m guessing your router has an in-built Print Server, it possibly also doubles as a DHCP server. If you run your PC’s on DHCP this will clear all your IP address conflicts (if any). You may need to set additional information about the printer for the router to share it.

To edit the control setting type your routers IP address in your browser and look through the options available. To share the printer from a PC it would need to be turned on for it to work.

Mike Tasker



Yes... it does have a built in print server... but the problem is that I cant access the router settings from one of my computers... I have no problem using the internet on the computer, but when I try to access it through the ip in IE it cant find anything.

Now I'm really getting tired of this, since I need to open up an extra port, and I can't.

How to access the router? What am I doing wrong?


Open up a command prompt window and type ipconfig You should get a screen showing your IP address, your Subnet Mask and Default Gateway.

Type your default gateway into your browser window (ie this should take you to your router configuration page. Try it from another PC if it doesn’t work from the current one; also make sure you can ping the router.

Mike Tasker

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