Prince Of Persia :Sands Of Time [ ? ]


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I've bought the game two days ago for my cousin ( original ) . After installing
( entire ) and starting the game a message appeared : " Game ended unexpected " .
I don't know what's happening .. ( also appeared : Geforce4MX 440-AGP8x not supported please read readmetext - I don't know if that's true .. any patches available ? )
It's system :
AMD 2400+
512 DDR
ASUS GF4MX 440 AGP 8x and so on ..

Any ideeas ? ( I wish those quick cause I've told my cousin that I haven't had time for installing "correctly" rolleyes: ..

Thanks , Cosmin
Yup, the MX series of cards dont support Pixel Shader(s) (2.0?), apparently.

Also, if you have this game and cant configure the keys, unplug your USB gamepad, restart the game and reconfigure, you can then plug your pad back in.


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a game that new just wasn't built on direct X 7 technology im afraid, the only patch is to replace it with at least a GF4 TI or ATI alternative.


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hmm, im using a Ti4200, but i cant get it above 800x600 or else the screen will flicker. Oh well at least i can play...

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I have played it but had control nightmares, did not like it on the keyboard but for some reason you can't run when using my gamepad. *cough* console rip. Hopefully the awful control system will be resolved by a BIG patch

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We play that game and it runs great on this rig I will double check but I think we run it at 1024-768 32bit at 85mhz will check that and post back .. but we have no problems with the game at all. Ti4200 128mb 8x that is..
I've been trying to get that game running on Vista for months, now.. Still wont work. I've tried everything. All I get now is this, when I try to load it: "The game ended unexpectedly. Please see Readme.txt for technical support." So I go to the readme file, and it only tells me to contact Ubisoft. I call em, and they have no idea what to do. There must be SOMEONE out there that's figured it out, by now. Anyone, yet? I heard someone got a good quick-fix for it, but I can't find the forum. Anyone? -.-;

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