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I just purchased Prince of Persia for the pc, after playing the demo several times. I like the game graphix and the cool moves while fighting, so I thought I'd buy it. I found out however that upon purchasing the pc version I could not use my gamepad. It appears for some stupid reason that made it so that you have to have a special analog controller or stuck trying to use the keyboard and mouse. If any of you others are plagued by this as I was then you're gonna love this. It took me nearly 2hrs of beating my head on the desk trying to figure this out. If you've played the demo version you probably noticed that it has a gamepad option, while the full version doesn't. So I figured there most be some file that the demo has that the full doesn't. I finally found what I was looking for, but there most be some file modification lock or something cuz I couldn't add what was in the demo to the full. No need to fear what I discovered was that if I took the file form the demo and replaced the one in the full..TA DA!!! I'm sure you're all going get on with it already.. :D Well if you don't have the demo then go get it you're gonna need it. Simply copy the file POPData.BF from the demo into the full folder, keeping a back of the the original somewhere just to be safe. Now when you load the game you'll notice first off it says Demo(ignore this), and when you go into the controls it will let you configure you're gamepad, and mine is just a generic usb pad. I've been playing the game for several hours now with not a single problem, as the file only contains links, titles, and such. Ya know, things like "Are you sure you want to exit" Yes/No, it has not affect on the game play of the full version in the least.

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