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Prey Cheats

Hold [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [~] and enter these in the console:
god - Invincible (must be re-entered every time a new level loads)
give all - Full health, spirit walking, all weapons, ammo
notarget - Enemies don't attack
givehealth - Full health
giveammo - Full ammo
noclip - noclip mode (move through walls)

As a bonus, I also add that you can type "bind [key] [function]", as in "bind g god" (without the quotes, obviously).

Any discussion about whether or not cheats are good/bad has already been done, but it seems someone always comes trolling along to say "cheaters are n00b" or "it ruins the game". Use these cheats if you want, or don't. Every player has their choice ;)
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