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Preview Zipped Downloading Archive

Hi all

Im downloading a large file and its been on 99% for ages, i dont think its goin to finish so rather than lose the download is there anyway i can preview the archive? ive located the temp file but it has no file assosiation so its that white windows icon, ive tried right clicking n clicking open with Win RAR but it ses it cannot open it, is there any type of Previewer out there or something i can try n open it with?

Please Help

Depends on what you are downloading it with and what type of file it is and if you know what the final format is (rar,zip,ace,mpg,avi,exe).

Right now it may be set for no access under windows since it is incomplete. You may be able to change that by right clicking and changing the properties.

Most likely you won't be able to use the 99% unless it is a video or audio file. If it is video or audio and not compressed in zip/rar/ace then you may be able to recover what you have using a repair tool for the file type it is. If it's an .exe forget it.

Now before you waste a lot of time let the download stay open through tonight. Saturday night is your best chance of someone sharing out something you're after.

Oh yeah, and if it is a real .zip after unprotecting it and copying it to something like temp.zip, then you can open winzip, select the file and try to repair it. You will loose data and the results may be useless.
The last time i downloaded the same thing as this, when the download completed n i clicked ok it created a folder by its self b put the files in it 4 me, so dont know.
Sounds like a self extracting archive file. Start rar ace and zip and try to open the file in each one. You may be able to read and extract most of the content. If you know someone else who has downlooded a the same thing they may be able to send you one or two files to repalce anything corrupted in your donwload.

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