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Anyone own one of these bad boys? I know they run hot but the performance in the long run I think is worth it. Well I would like to know your experience with this chip is possible.


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clock for clock the performance is worse than a northy...

you are unlikely to see prescott take the intel performance crown till it gets to around the 3.5-3.6 ghz mark... and then only because intel will not be continuing the northwood lineup...

perscott has serious issues with thermal dissipation and while the btx standard will help some (MASSIVE heatsinks) and socket 755 will aid it... its still got to deal with other challenges :) such as the a64... LGA is either gonna be a blessing in disguise or a curse... we'll find out soon enough...

a coupla lads have got it on forums I visit... am waiting for them to post details...


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As you were saying that the Presscott chip is pretty much **** i take it the non prescott one is faster and more stable etc as i am thinking of getting a 3 gig chip soo id just like to verify would the non prescott one be alot faster:

P4-3.0Ghz/512K/0.13u/S478/800MhzFSB/HYPER THREADING READY

Thanks in advance


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prescott is cheaper than northy's @ the same clock speed and should oc better if you get the proper board for it (everyone's mileage with oc'ing will vary)...

the longer pipelines and the larger NUMBER of pipelines denotes this processor was designed solely for speed... also keep in mind the processor has 1mb l2 cache which should help in some situations...

clock for clock it does less work and is therefore slower than a northwood (both for socket478 for reference sake) BUT the extra l2 cache should help and the sse3 instruction set and tweaked HT should also help once apps take advantage of the differences...

heat is a problem with prescott's but if you get a decent cooler you should be fine... not my top recommendation (I suggest a64 for mid-high end users) but not a total disaster... privately I am disappointed in it :) because so much PR was expended to show it was so uber (reminds me of nvidia with the nv30)... but not a total loss @ the price


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yeh thanks for the info ill think ill get the northwood seeing everyone loves them ;) i think presscott has alot of potential if only they had it in the lab for an extra 6 months :p


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Hello Again,

I know that i keep on changing my mind on what CPU to get BUT besides the presscott running that little bit hotter and slower, are they only slow atm due to no oftware that can take advantage of SS3 etc

As all the stupid reviews say that they pretty much suck but then they say at the end that oh the most common reason why they may be slow is because no software is optimised for them yet?

So whats the story here?


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dan... SSE and SSE2 had many improvments wrt instructions (they are instruction sets)

sse3 has just a handful of instructions and it will continue to be slower since it does less work per clock cycle than a northwood... ergo UNTIL it ramps past the clock speed of the current northy's there is going to a lag in performance for prescott's...

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