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Prepare to drool!!!

Shuttle SN95G5 Barebone S939 Black

I soooooo have to buy one!!!! its cheaper than their desktop upgrade kit, looks nicer and ooooooooooh I gotta buy one!!!!

/me jiggs around impatiently

That, dual dvi 6800, 2x IIyama 20.1" ProLite E511S-B's (same panel as dell 2001fp and viewsonic vp201) from Komplett as well mmmmmmmmmm

/me drools all over the forum
A nicer, bigger image:

Looks very cool, and would go really well with the 2001fp, which is one heck of a display too. Get both!


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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that is the sweetest! saw it a week ago and wish I didnt' build a comp like 5 or 6 months ago

next system either I build the case myself or go for sff
only downside is that the amd64 3500+ 939 chip is more expensive than that shuttle bb system :/

still when I've saved up enough I'm buying one with the cpu :)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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LordofLa the socket 939 3000+ and 3200+ have been released recently to retail(not sure in UK) so check them out cause they are priced around the same as the same pr rated socket 754 so the price to jump into socket 939 went down a lot


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keep us posted on your setup to be and the numbers generated :cool:

a small form factor looks like a decent option for a new rig :)

but psu is a little weaker than what i am comfortable with...

should power your equipment though :) easily..
psu should be okay really
its not like you can jam it full of stuff like you can a tower... but once I get one organised I'll be here to boast :p

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