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2 Dec 2001
Just a few bits I am working on, but I am curious if the general userbase are able to use thread prefixes? (will appear to theft of titles on new threads)

I don't want to make a new test account and figured it would be faster to ask!
I am also confused by the Admiral's comment. lol
I think prefixes would be handy especially with solved issues and such. It would be fun to try.

I guess you haven't seen Robin Williams Live on Broadway :p I was just quoting him.
atm my implentation is for something else, but I want to see if non-mods can use the current ones as I think they were previously bugged.
Didn't I suggest this like 3 years ago?


Thanks for the credit guis... appreciate it

p.s. the new Prodigy album ROCKS
Didn't I suggest this like 3 years ago?


Thanks for the credit guis... appreciate it

p.s. the new Prodigy album ROCKS

The feature was added in 3.8.
Did anyone test this for me yet or do I need to make a test account ?? :p
The garadge sale coudl use some FS:US, FS:CA, FS:EU, FS:UK,

FS For Sale
FF For Free
FT For Trade
WTB Want to Buy
US United States
CA Canada
UK United Kingdom

And some

BS Bull ****
TC Total Crap
FL Flame Thread

might be nice. At least a mod could add it to some threads to warn others.
i cant see the option when making a new thread :p
No crashing anything if you do this.........really.
Hah, its not a hack I have to implement, its functionality that already exists!

I intend to refiddle with the rep system soon, that one might need a database dump or two tho!

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