PPPOE connection problem


really long, sorry

Today i formatted a box of a neighbors because it was cluttered and wanted to redo his stuff because of new router to setup. So I put windows xp back on and went through the normal steps and what not. The router he just purchased is a belkin wireless router, so it gets i hook it up, i put it up in PPPOE via the belkin program and it gives me an error when trying to verify the inet connection. so i connect to the router via IE and set up and it put in the login/pass via the router. then the connected light turns on. but no connection out, i can ping the other box (wireless) but outside is not respoding.
I see where the problem is i think but not sure how to fix it,
the default servers are the routers ip and not forwarding the
dsl connections one.
i called belkin and they were the worst help i have ever talked to. All he told me was to do firmware upgrade and i had no connection to the inet there so.....

I decided to connect right to computer and skip the router, i setup the PPPOE connection and connect, it works but when i try and load any website or ping anywhere it just times out.

does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it?


Yea, i am in US (georgia to be exact) PPPOA = ?
my friend dsl isp is so much better, uses the mac address to verify instead of connecting with login/password


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PPPOA is basically high speed over twisted copper pair cable, using phone line filters to stop crosstalk and let u still pick up the phone and dial. thats the UK DSL standard.
if you're in GA, you have Bellsouth? Bellsouth's servers support PPPoE and PPPoA... PPPoA is PPP over ATM and uses the standard windows dialup networking to complete the connection... Routers will work (even though they won't support them) and as a matter of fact, BS Fast Access Home Networking uses a 2wire router which connects via PPPoE. No reason PPPoE shouldn't work. On that note, I have seen some issues with routers not working, but it was normally Linksys for some reason. I have no experience with the Belkins. Also, you may wish to try adding @bellsouth.net to the end of the username... username & password are also case sensitive.


Bellsouth went by their house friday morning but i have not heard back from them, they are supposed to call me today and let me know if they fixed it. We went though all their settings via phone though so n't sure what it could be
I actually used to do tech support for Bellsouth ADSL... From everything you said, it doesn't really seem like the issue was settings on the computer... and I know for a fact that their RADIUS servers support both PPPoE and PPPoA. I always hated calls like this when I was doing tech support for them... doesn't SEEM to be anything amiss, yet it just doesn't work.

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