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Just installed that virtual desktop thingy. Maybe I'm stupid or something but if I change the wallpaper for desktop #1 then go to desktop #2 and come back to #1, the wallpaper has changed to the default... argh.. what do I do wrong?

Are you using the normal desktop configuration tool? If so, try right-clicking on the text by the 4 desktops on the taskbar and selecting "configure desktop manager" (or something like that...im not at my XP pc). The window that opens will show a box with your 4 desktops. click one and change the background from there.
Virtual desktop = buggy. If you run it for a while it invariably crashes. If you are looking for the best multi-desktop tool checkout "MulitDesk" - works under nt/2k/xp perfectly and is pretty configurable.


(don't worry, it's been beta for ages and it's *NEVER* crashed or caused problems on any of my machines)

oops, realised that that link doesn't point to download:



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