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Powerquest partition magic 8 problem !



In standard NTFS is 512 bytes per sector. I understood the more the better, so I started to convert my XP partition to 8Kbytes per sector.
First I checked drive for errors several times with chkdsk/f - it was fine.
Secondly put PM8 to convert.
Computer booted and started ... checked the disk - everything was fine did some 2 things more and then - error !!! Something stopped the conversion.Can't use the drive anymore.And the disk I think must be formatted.
But is there any way I could recover the data ? To the same disk prefferably.
Ontrack file recovery offers to copy everything over to another disk but at the moment it's impossible.
Could please anyone help ?
It would be useless recovering your lost files to the same drive. You would just be overwriting lost files with new ones during the recovery process, thus losing most of your data in the process anyway.

And once the lost data is overwritten with new data, there's no getting it back.
The key in not writing any new data to a disk that has critical lost files on it's surface.

Also remember to make backups before you run such operations in the future :)

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