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Not Bman

I have searched the internet for an answer we not much luck.

I want to convert my Powerpoint Presentation into a video format.

The way I find on the internet is to capture your screen, but that is not all that easy and also does not get sound and extra video on the screen.

I used the new 2007 office version, I can't show it as it is, because the person going to be watching it is on a much older version.

Got any ideas?
if you have google set as the default search in your web broswer, put powerpoint to in there there and it will give you a few suggestions
I have, the suggestions are not good, or most of them talk about screen capture.

Alright that is weird, I just searched for that again (different computer) and got some good answers.

Do different locations get different answers on google?
Thanks, that might come in handy if the programs I found don't work.
Yes there is a patch for office 2007 so that other with older versions can open , edit , files in older versions of office ...
Is there a better way to make a "powerpoint" type movie in better quality and have more options of exporting it into a movie file?
why not just save as an older version office 2007 can save the files as older versions if i remember
Yes they can, and I did that, and tested on an older version, and some of the animations and graphics and all that don't show up, or don't play out as good as the new version.
There's plenty of utilities about to facilitate this.

Some examples..

Presentation to Video Converter
Presentations to Video Converter lets you easily transform your Microsoft® PowerPoint® (*.pptx, *.ppsx, *.ppt and *.pps) presentations into any video format supported by your system so that you can instantly create AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG, VOB, MP4, a flash files in SWF format, Animated GIF and burn your presentation to DVD.
(This should preserve all transition effects too from what I've read too)



Unfortunately most 'trials' place some kind of watermark/banner over the finished film :/
If you want a free one, you've got me stumped, sorry :p
Thanks for the list, no I assumed there would not be any free ones.

The best I have got is a program to convert power point to flash, and it worked pretty good. It kept all the clicking and transisions, but I want it to just play out as a movie. I will try the first on in your list, I will let you know.

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