Powerpoint 2003 Error?


The Idiot Circus Boy
9 Jan 2004
I've installed Office 2003 Academic version on a client's computer and I'm having problems with Powerpoint.

The problem is when you have more than one slide and you go to View Show -- the first slide displays, but when you click to the second, an error appears explaning Powerpoint can't connect to a hyperlink and ^0 is displayed. This error even appears if both slides are blank and there are no hyperlinks present. I've tried reinstalling, repairing the installation, updating it via Office update and nada. I'm stumped. :confused: Any clues?

Thanks for any insight.
If you're still having this issue, please post the exact error message here.
Have your tried disabling the 'Customer Feedback Options' in the Office Suite? Maybe that is causing the error?

Guessing big time here..need more info from you mate.

The error says:

Powerpoint couldn't create a hyperlink to ^0.

That's what the popup error says -- no idea what it means...

Edit: I figured it out -- a VERY obscure error -- I had to replace the hlink.dll file to a more updated version and it works fine. /shrug! :rolleyes:
That is very obscure. Glad you got it worked out! :D

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