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powerdvd and region code


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There's a DVD boxed set available only in region 2 I want to get ("The Great War"); Powerdvd only lets you change the region code 5 times before 'locking' the region; am I correct in thinking that if worse comes to worse I can simply uninstall and reinstall Powerdvd to unlock the region code? (My DVD drive is multi-region capable.) Can anyone confirm this from experience?


I'm sorry Hal...
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If your DVD is region free then get DVD-Genie, it will allow you to change regions as many times as you like, work greats with powerdvd too.
Its your drive that only lets ou change the region 5 times, not powerdvd ( i think).


Uninstalling, then Re Installing PowerDVD will not work to reset the code. In my quest for reigon free DVD playback I tried all sorts of things, culminating in the ludicrus idea of dual booting XP and 2k so that on one OS I could have one reigon and on the other, the other one.

All I did was got some modified firmware, for when the drive eventually got locked hardware, and now i'm happy and only running XP now!


SO what your saying is since last week when i used new firmware to inhance and then deregion my pioneer dvd-rom i dont need to mess around with dvd-genie as power dvd 4 xp wont lock the now unregioned drive?.

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no :p

deregioning your DVDROM will mean that you can use your DVDROM to play DVDs from any region... however software also has region protection... if you use DVD Genie as your default on insert application it will change the powerdvd region (without decreasng the count) and then run powerdvd....

I use the other method, every time I reboot my computer the region is not set and therefore when I use nvdvd it will change the region to the region of the currently playing disc, then I will also have an option to change regions once more before I have to reboot to change the region..

There is also dvd region killer from elby.de which claims to bypass it all, but I haven't had the chance to check it out!

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