PowerDirector 1.1


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
29 Aug 2002
With my DVD R/W drive I got this on a CD, and I actually installed it to have a go the other day but all it does is fall over as soon as you try to start it.

Well the splash screen comes up and then it says it has "encountered an error and needs to close". I've looked online and there are later versions, but I wonder if they perform any better or are worth it because it looks like you have to pay to upgrade. It comes from Cyberlink and says it runs under Win2000 which often means OK for XP too (I'm on XP Pro). I do feel miffed because if you're faced with forking out on an upgrade it's nice to know what you're upgrading from!

Anyway if anyone has knowledge of this product or recommends something as superior I'd appreciate their advice.
Upgrade to three works

Just for those who may search on this and have an interest:- I looked into the upgrade and decided I may as well take the plunge and spend the €50 or whatever since it remained cheaper than most software and Cyberlink did a good job of making their product sound up to it.

So with Version 3 of PowerDirector (and EZProducer or whatever) things seem to be working so far (touch wood). It just now seems a shame I went and spent even more than that on WinOnCD which could be redundant since the produce part of cyberlinks offering does what I thought I would need it for - and I cannot use it for the other bits that I now have DriveImage for!

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