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Does anyone know if there are any differences in how much power is consumed when your computer is on vs. standby vs. hibernation? This is for a desktop pc. Thanks..
I do not think there is much of a power difference. I would suggest that if you want to save power, you should turn off your PC.


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well, i can tell you that it uses a total of 0 (zero) watts during hibernation... because it completely turns off... but saves everything in physical memory to a file beforehand... and next time you turn it on and boot, it loads that file back into memory so you resume from where you were.

standby leaves all the fans running, but shuts down the harddrives and most cards/peripherals... figure maybe half the power of if it was on.

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concur with taurus... hibernation turns puter off pretty much... coz I have to press power button to bring it back on...

standby does knock usage down due to it slowing/turning off a lot of hardware devices..

dunno bout the half power thinger... never measured but you could be close I reckon taurus...

I normally turn off the computer or leave it on standby... hibernation is not for me :)


I do not hibernate, but when I suppend it shuts everything off even the fans, I am not sure about the hard drive though, I was just wondering because I leave my computer supended most of the time when I am not on it--it makes for quick startup. I was just wondering how much power it would save if I left it suppended every night instead of turning it off.

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