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Power Supply?


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Hey everyone, I was just posting because here recently my computer has been having trouble turning on. At first it was just take a few tries and it would turn on, and I did ask someone for help about it, and they suggested that it was the Power Supply going bad on me. So eventually it never turned back on, and I was posting to ask if the power supply is the problem for it not turning on? Or could it be something else? If it's the power supply, what would be a reliable brand?

Thank You...:nervous:


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If the machine is not powering on, and all power cables are seated properly, it is more than likely the power supply. However, you could try changing the power cord (long shot, but still possible), as well as plugging the machine into another outlet in the wall and/or surge protector.

In regards to power supplies, any 350-400+ watt PSU will be fine, from the main manufacturers which are Thermaltake, Antec, and many more which I can't think of right now....


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Hopping on with kcnychief's suggestions, I also recommend the two mentioned brands, but would suggest a higher rated psu of 480W-550W for future proofing if you think you might be upgrading your machine sometime in the next 2 years or so.


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i understand where you all are comming from about the vote for antec but, it does not seem like he needs that nice of a power supply for his setu[ but u all are geniuses so dont listen to me.

I was just hinking out loud.
Ice - don't worry we won't... :p

Richy -
It could be a bad switch on the front panel, loose connection from the front panel to the motherboard, a broken wire from the switch to the MB, or the power supply.
-Look to make sure there are no loose wires inside the case going from the front panel to the MB. And see if you can see where the wires come out of the case switch. There should be two wires connected to the back of the switch.
-A bad switch is hard to check unless you know what you are doing or have a multimeter to check it with. If you are feeling brave post back and I will give some detailed instructions.

PS brands - Antec or Enermax. Antec is easier to find and cheaper.
Size depends on what your computer has in it and if you plan on doing any upgrades. Or just get the same as what you have now. the rating will be on the power supply label somewhere. If it is an older (much older) computer make sure the new power supply uses the same kind of MB connector. They changed a them twice in the last 5 years.

What Processor type and speed, how many HDs and CD/DVD's, how much RAM, and is it a top end gaming video card?

Do you plan on upgrading the system?


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LeeJend said:
Richy -
It could be a bad switch on the front panel, loose connection from the front panel to the motherboard, a broken wire from the switch to the MB, or the power supply.
Dang it, you beat me again...

This is what I was gonna say


Highest chance of failure for this daignosis, is the switch or maybe (very unlikely) the wires...


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Thank you everybody for so much help. I think I will go with buying a new power supply for now, and if it still doesn't work, I will check the power switch and connections. :)

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