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power supply wattage - help identiy


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with this pic , can you help me guys figure out what is the wattage of this power supply? its not printed anywhere on the unit, so weird unlike other PSU's, cant find the manufacturer's website, it just says there :"erotec" or "protec", any help will be much appreciated; thanks


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Not sure the watts but that is a pretty weak PSU as it only provides 7.5 amps on the 12 volt rail.
I have seen 300 watt PSU's that supply at least 14 amps to the 12 volt rail.


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- additional info: says it's for pentium 4
- has one sata power connector

this PSU is currently powering my spare unit with a 2.4Gz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel DG33BU mobo and 2gig of memory with onboard graphics, planning to add a gpu that requires atleast 400watts to run so I was just wondering if this PSU can be utilized...thanks

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