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Power Supply Question



hi, i have a p4 2.4ghz with 1.0gig of DDR 333, 2-hdds, 4 fans and a neon light. when i leave my pc running for a day or so it freezes. i believe this is because my power supply really isn't a TRUE 431watt power supply. could this be causing my freezing problem. and what is a good power supply that would be able to handle 8-9 power connectors. the one i have comes with 8 connectors for power.

i thought it was my motherboard or memory causing this problem before. i used to be running a p4 with 1.0gig of RAMBUS so i got rid of that and put in this 1.0 gig of DDR 333 hoping that would of solved this problem. but now i see that is not the problem. so that is why i am to believe that it is the power supply. please give me some ideas and a really good power supply for 8-9 connectors for a p4 2.4ghz.



hardware monkey
first off, the amount of connectors that come off a power supply don't say anything for how powerful it is. you can get cheap splitters if you need more connectors.

also, what brand is your power supply? 431watts sounds like an enermax... which is one of the best brands you can get. and 400watts should be more than enough for your system anyway. but if it's a cheapo generic power supply, you might be right. do you have a program to check your motherboard voltages? do that first before you buy anything.


Although it may be a 431watt PSU... Have a look at its limitations. They write down what the limitations are on the PSU on the little sticker.

I almost fell over laughing when i saw a sticker on one of the PSU's at work.

250Watt PSU, 125W max load when +5v & -5v are in use.

hrms... dodgy?

Generally, you get what you pay for. Don't go for the cheap and powerful. Go for the nicely priced and powerful =)


yes you are correct with the brand of my power supply it was the enermax 431watt power supply. its weird, if the pc is on for a day or so and i leave all 4 fans inside the case hooked up and the neon light hooked up then it seems to freeze. so i purchased a new mobo and that ddr 333mhz memory and i have only had this installed now for a week and today when i came home it froze up. so i just unplugged all my fans inside the case and the neon light. so i am lead to believe now that the problem is that i need a bigger power supply?

does this sound right?

what program would show the voltage being used?


hardware monkey
not sure. your motherboard should have come with a cd of software... one of which being a motherboard monitor of some sort. or else you can download it from the manufacturer's website.

i don't know much about intel's, so maybe someone else can help you. what board do you have?

that enermax 431watt power supply is an excellent piece of hardware, though... unless yours is just faulty. if possible, maybe you can borrow a power supply from a friend?


well i have 2 hdd plugged in, 2 cd-roms, 4 case fans, and my neon light. that is a 9, when the power supply only offers 8 ac power supplys. could that be causing it to freeze?


hardware monkey
like i said, the amount of plugs the power supply comes with doesn't mean anything. a theoretical 1000-watt power supply could come with just 1 plug and you could get 20 $2 splitters for it and have 20 things hooked up to it. it still puts out 1000 watts.

btw, i have 3 hdd's, 2 optical drives, 2 fans, and an athlon that puts out 78 watts of heat.. more than your p4, i'm sure. and i have a semi-generic 300-watt power supply and everything runs fine. so your power supply should be more than powerful enough. find a program to check your voltages first.
It's not a PSU problem if it isn't faulty. 431W from Enermax is way enough. Maybe the neon light has a fault? Maybe it's a coincidence?

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