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Power Supply or MOBO???

Here are the specs...

Gigabyte GA5AA Socket 7
AMD K6-2 500MHz
Geforce 4 MX 440
320MB DIMM PC133
Generic PS
Windows XP Pro.

Here is the problem...

Turn on the system, after bios and boot screens, monitor goes into standby, and will not come out... I'm using the monitor on a different system now and it's been on for 1 hour working fine... (i'll leave it longer to be sure). Sometimes it will make it into windows and be 1/2 to 1 hour before the monitor goes into standby in the midst of playing a game or working on something else.

As you may have guessed by the disproportionate quality of the video card, I already know it's not the video card causing the problem. So now since i'm using the monitor fine on another system, and a brand new video card didn't change anything, the problem lies with the motherboard, or perhaps the Power Supply? Could it be the Power Supply?

I'm leaning towards crappy mobo though, since DMA 7 would not let higher than 8 bit sound out of my AWE64 sound card, and regardless of brand of mouse, type of connection (PS/2, or serial), or drivers for mouse, I always have quirky problems, like no physical scroll wheel (or middle button) on the mouse, but internet explorer will start scrolling as if i pressed the middle mouse button, or mouse will act as if there are no active windows and i can't click on anything... help me hopefully someone else has experienced similar problems and can tell me what to do, this computer is very close to being smashed due to frustration and stupid problems...


Hmmm, thats a very strange problem. I wouldnt rule out the psu completely, what wattage is it? If all else fails, see taurus' final comment :p
well... seems like it's the monitor, it was fine for a good 1.5 hours last night, but this afternoon, it stayed on for only about 7 minutes... then did it's standby dance...

as for reformatting, yes TWICE and the quirky problems still exist... but it's my parents computer, and they don't want to spend the money to get a whole new rig, so for now they just get a new monitor... the PSU is pretty old and it's only 230W, but it is only a K6-2 500mHz processor, and, the hdd is low rpm, nothing is really hogging the power i don't think..., new case and PSU are probably next after the monitor, I can get a decent case and PSU for probably $30 US...


hardware monkey
yeah, power supply's more than adequate.

it could be a type of incompatibility with the video card and monitor. say, for instance, if the video card is barely putting out a strong enough signal for that particular monitor, it'll go into standby sometimes when the signal drops below the threshold. but your video card puts out a strong signal so it works fine on your comp.

this is just a theory. there are other types of incompatibility, i'm sure. refresh timing or something.

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