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16 Aug 2003
I was hoping that someone would be able to link me to a free program that will tell me how much power my lap top is getting. I feel it is way underpowered considering the lag random restarts during boot and the hard drive forgetting files. Ailenware how ever wont listen to me and doesn't seem to have any other fixes other than reinstalling the OS for the 20th time since its just a bad install they claim. I highly doubt that the 20+ installs were all bad. Ive also tried other copies of XP didnt solve the issue.
Be warned MBM is no longer supported and may show incorrect voltages. The Bios should have a page showing the power supply voltages. Unfortunately they will not be with the laptop working very hard.

If MBM doesn't work try Sisoft Sandra Lite. It has a burn in and diagnostics suite as well as reporting speeds and voltages. But again, it doesn't always read the correct volatges. Readings from my MB are totally wrong.

Waek power could be a bad connection to the battery pack, bad battery pack. Does it act up if you run from the wall power?

Sounds more like a bad HD to me. Make sure SMARTS is turned on in bios. It will report imminent HD failure. And run the Sandra HD burn in. WARNING back up data first. If the HD is sick a burn in routine might kill it. Which is a good thing if your data is backed up and it's still under warantee. With a hard failures customer service can't argue with you.
I'll give those a shot both the other programs wouldn't give me any voltage info at all just temp. It seems to only have the issues when its using the ac adapter so I'm assuming its the power pack not the batteries inside the system. It makes a slight high pitch noise as well when the power pack powers up not sure how normal that is.
I tried to find the SMARTS in the bios but couldn't this bios is very limited on what it lets me do. I think its so people don't mess around with the system too much. I don't think it is a HD issue though i have complained that it was a HD issue before when they claimed it was a memory issue and they had me run one of segates HD checkers and it showed up fine i ran it many times hoping it would find something wrong and it never did. I also ran memory checks and they passed thats why they kept making me reinstall the OS they figured it must of been that. I'm still hoping thats its the power pack thats much cheaper for me to send back.

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