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30 Jan 2004
I got all my parts for my new system in yesterday. Brought them home, spent quite a bit of time piecing it together, making sure everything was just right. I spend too much money on it to screw it up. Anyway, I get everything setup and it looks ready, just got to unwind the cables and power it up. Well the cables are too short. In some cases by a lot. The 24pin MB cable will connect but its extremely tight. The 8pin on the other hand is about 8 inches short. I had a friend swing into microcenter and try to find some extenders for me. I'm just not sure if what they sold her will work.

They said that I don't need the 24 pin, even though the motherboard has 24 pins. They sold her a 20 to 24 pin converter which will extend the cable by a few inches. It would seem I have to unclip the extra 4 pins from the 24pin cable, hook the adapter up and connect it as usual. I haven't done that before but to me it just seem like its not going to have enough power to function. I have a 24-20 pin converter at home, so if that won't work I might convert my 24pin into a 20 pin and then hook the 20-24 converter up and see if that works. Even that seems like a bad idea really.

For the 8pin MB cable they said that only 4 pins from the PSU are necessary and sold her a part that converts 4 pins to 8 pins. My 8pin line splits into two 4pin plugs so it seems possible that I could hook one of the 4 pins up to the adapter and connect it normally. But part of me doesn't trust that either. I don't know if any of this makes sense even. Any ideas if it can work?
What kind of PSU did you buy that has such short cables? I would consider taking it back as unfit for purpose.
It was a BFG. I even called them and they said that they didn't think ANYONE made extenders for power cables.
Return the PSU and buy a proper one.

Never ever skimp on a quality PSU :)

It's the engine that drives your system.
Return the PSU and buy a proper one.

Never ever skimp on a quality PSU :)

It's the engine that drives your system.

I usually don't. In fact I thought BFG was a good company. I'll see what I can get, first off I have to see if Best Buy will even take it back. I had good luck with them taking back my TV, hope my luck continutes with the PSU.
Take it back, the cables are too damn short!.
If it is under 30 days there should be no problem.

If they give you any **** ask them if corporate wants to have another state attorney generals office suing them for business fraud. (3-5 that I know of over the last 5 years)

As mentioned above.
1) NEVER skimp on the PSU! If it goes you rwhole investment goes!
2) If all the pins were not needed they would not have wasted the money putting them into the standard cables. High performance MB's need all the clean power they can get.
3) Don't use extenders. Pins/sockets are the weak point in the power feed. an extender triples the number of weak points.
4) If the cables are too short it makes me suspect the PSU was intended for a mini or micro case. Mini/micro PSUs are not for high performance suystems.

PS BFG makes a PSU? Never heard of that. Antex, Enermax, Targan (if overseas), maybe PC Power adn cooling (I disagree with their fundamental approach on high performance PSU's).
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I have a 430w version of the Thermaltake and a 500w version of the Silverstone. The cables on both are plenty long for Coolermaster Centurion full ATX case. The only way I could see a problem would be if your 20/24 pin mobo connection was at the very bottom of the board.

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