power supply FROM HELL!!!!



I was sitting at my computer and i started smelling smoke. suddenly my interent cut off and I was huh. Heard a pop and smoke started pouring from underneith my computer desk and the lights on my 5 port hub started going crazy so I grabbed the power supply cord and started running. Half way to the garage it burst into flame and my brother was in the garage taking pictures of my spitfire and he said stop! and took a pic. I was like its burning idiot and the fire was getting big. So he took one more pic and i threw it outside and sprayed it with water. Now my 5 port hub has no power lol. This was truly the power supply FROM HELL!!!

Nick M

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Wow Ace. I'm glad that you got to it in time. Dude, that's one heck of a blaze you're holding there...wonder what caused it to go up like that.

I know. Yesterday was Friday The 13th

It's devils work. :D


It served me well..... acctually its been a pain in the !@# since I got it lol. I want my netgear one back


Lol no they are doing just fine :0)... I got em all plugged in to lol Cept tomarrow when I get the four enermax stealths im gonna have to put them in a different computer :0(

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