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Nick White (from www.windowsvistablogs.com ) let me know that this site is indeed 100% legitimate.


You can attend webcasts to learn the products and ultimately get them free, has been a lot of word this is a scam but has been confirmed to be official. Watcg three webcasts each for Windows Vista and Office 2007 within 30 days of registering, 6-8 weeks later you'll get shiny new DVD cases at your front door.

US Only! (bleh)


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of course i try to register and here is the message i get after filling out my life to them:
Sorry, a System Error Occurred
thats all it says nothing else on the page......
so did i. i PRAY this is really legit. pretty sure it would be though, since the thing is riddled with MS logo's. lol. debating whether or not i wanna try doing it for Office 2007 as well.


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signed up!! I hope it works. The last time I did something like this I got a free ipod delivered to my door!!!

also the Vista one is sold out.


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Grandmaster: read the faq. or better yet, i'll post the part in question:

Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number on a W9 form to receive my gift?

The combined retail value for participants who register and qualify for both the Microsoft Office and Windows Vista offer is $798. IRS rules require that any gift over $600 is taxable which requires us to collect W9 information from participants and to file a 1099 with the IRS for the value of both products. This is why you received an email that directed you to a secure website to provide that information and we must receive it before shipping your product.


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I have been trying to do this for a couple days... the site is so slow I dont think its even possible now. Tuffgong you said Vista is sold out now? Great... it wasn't when I got all signed up and such.... gah, so much for having the advantage of hearing about it about a day before everyone else in the world... :(

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