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I have xp on my new computer, and for some reason windows refuses to shut my monitor off. In the power management I can set the computer to shut the monitor off after a period of time, and I have waited twice that time and the monitor has yet to shut off. (For example I have it set to shut off after 1 hour and yesterday my computer was untouched for 12 hours while I was gone. When I came back the screen saver was still up).

I can get the computer to automatically shut off the monitor, but only if a screensaver is not running. i.e. if I have the monitor turn off after 5 minutes and the screensaver kick in at 10 minutes, then the monitor will go off. Reverse those two variables and I have no luck. What's the deal?

I have a geforce 3ti200, (21.xx drivers i don't remember the exact number). Is that maybe preventing power saving modes to kick in???

Thanks for any help,
Personally, I never use a screen saver except to look at them once in a while. I have my screen saver option set to none so I've never experienced your problem. I have my monitor to set to shut off at 20 minutes.
not an answere to your problem, but what's the deal? why do you want to turn off your monitor??
if you know you won't use your computer for a while, just power it off manually...

one thing i hate about windows is that it power off my monitor after 20 minutes as standard, my monitor uses about 30 seconds before the image is clear when i power on, so i hate it
It won't turn off if a screen saver is running because it perceives the screen saver as a running application. Just disable the screensaver - aside from the fact it's useless, it uses up system resources.
Thanks, I'll just get rid of the screensaver. They're just nice to look at - if I'm sitting here watching tv a screensaver is more appealing than an hour of my desktop. Just aesthetic value I guess.

(and in reply to why I want my monitor to shut off automatically - When I leave for a few hours of classes I'm usually late so I'd rather not have to come in here and turn off my monitor, I can just leave it alone and let windows take care of it. But yes just manually turning off the monitor is a good solution, and I might just do that).

I have been playing around with things and now I can get the monitor to shut off with a screensaver running, but only if the screensaver is 2d. Anything that requires 3d processing won't allow the monitor to be shut off. It must be something with my video card for particular screensavers.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your help.

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