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  1. My problem is with my LCD screen on my laptop, an Acer Travelmate 345T powering off under power management.

    I set my screen to power off after 5 mins of inactivity, which it does. However, whenever I restart my computer, even though the settings in the control panel say "turn off monitor after 5 mins of inactivity" this does not happen.

    I have to manually reset the value (even if it's just to the same value) for it to function (that is until I next restart). sometimes when I restart it's fine but more often then not I have to reset this. Is this a problem with the bios? My screensaver on the other had works fine, not problems.

    I'm still using a win2k bios since acer isn't releaseing a xp version (I do get the problem under my event viewer of problems with acpi, but it's supposed to be a non issue).

    The stupidest thing is that I used to have the same prob under 98se, but never got around to fixing it.
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