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Postal 2 - Junk



Anyone else played this game? Have any comments?

I have a couple myself.

First of all, the game comes off as a budget title. The graphics are a generation behind, and the loading zones are just annoying.

They tried to make the game run better on slower computers by having the game only render parts of the city at once, big mistake in my opinion, because it leads to alot of time wasted while loading.

For me it takes about 5 seconds to load a zone, which isn't too bad but for slower machines it can take upwards of 2-3 minutes. (See IGN review for an example)


Well, lets see what you have to say.


Nissan Powered
its in the same worthless cat. as GTA and everyone buys that game its graphics are outdated but then again so is Q3 and they still use that game when they review hardware.... dunno why look like crap and plays even worse. I guess my point is it will apeal to some one and make a few people very wealthy :D

they sell 100,000 copys @ 30 bucks thats 3 million dallors and it will easly sell that much. specialy at a cheap price like that for one of those boring weekends.


el mafioso
well i found postal very educative :D, especially the weapons you have, but loadings are really anoying, it takes like 2 minutes for me to load every zone ( XP2000+, 256 DDR400 GF2 GTS 64 <---the problem )
so i deleted it, i found that i spent more time waiting for it to load than for me playing it, still will get a lot of copies sold, having in mind, postal was a GREAT game, so postal followers will buy it


I bought Postal 1 when it came out and even though it had primitive graphics, I thought it was a cool game. Those exploding barrels rock.


i thought it was a fun game, but i agree with you guys as well, the loading is very annoying. Its fun just running around and lighting people on fire or playing golf or soccer with someones head :D lol

anyone else do that?:D



The Source
Political User
i luved that game, set people on fire and crap, but one thing i hate the most, loading points, they take to long, and u ned a pretty fast PC to play it, common, ive played better ghames with better GFX on slower computers

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