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post your disabled services


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can a couple of you that xp is running like a champ do a print screen of the disabled services...because my pc is a little sluggish and not sure which ones to axe...and if you do a print screen don't have to type it out or anything...and a couple of screen shots maybe we can get a master list that just works great:D


Well, I'm not sure of the practical difference between Disabled and Stopped. So I've shown both in the list below. My Athlon '1800' with 512 MB seems to be running OK, but I'm darned if I know whether it would be noticably faster with more services disabled. And the price might be troubled sleep, waiting for a crisis...<g> So as you see, I have only 2 disabled.

(Note: This looked OK when I composed it in fixed font; paste it into Notepad or whatever to tidy it up.)

Name Startup Type
--------------------------------------- ------------
Alerter Manual
Application Management Manual
Automatic Updates Automatic
Background Intelligent Transfer Service Manual
ClipBook Manual
Creative Service for CDROM Access Disabled
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service Disabled
Indexing Service Manual
Logical Disk Manager Manual
Logical Disk Manager Administrative S... Manual
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Manual
Net Logon Manual
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Manual
Network DDE Manual
Network DDE DSDM Manual
Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect Service Manual
NT LM Security Support Provider Manual
Performance Logs and Alerts Manual
QoS RSVP Manual
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager Manual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Manual
Removable Storage Manual
Routing and Remote Access Disabled
ScriptBlocking Service Automatic
Smart Card Manual
Smart Card Helper Manual
SNMP Trap Service Manual
TCP/IP Print Server Manual
Uninterruptible Power Supply Manual
Universal Plug and Play Device Host Manual
Volume Shadow Copy Manual
Windows Installer Manual
WMI Performance Adapter Manual

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