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12 Apr 2002
** Post your Case **

Decided that perhaps some of you modders and such would like a thread to show off your beasts :D

I am not into modding much and have a basic layout and what not :) but I'll stick my case as is to start things off...

picture taken with my m8's lovely olympus.. excellent shutter speed considering the cpu fan was spinning @ 2900rpm @ the time :)

A small description of the inards would be nice as well :)

Mine :

system specs are in my sig... 2 intake fans @ front with dual hdd's sitting behind one... 2 exhaust fans @ the back high up... cabling is generally tidy for me still messing round inside after putting my new stuff in... LOTS of cabling can be seen behind the case coz I run EVERYTHING through my room...

wireless network setup... home multimedia setup (my housemate can watch tv on his computer using my video card with ati's new drivers though he prefers the TV ) and so on...

-edit- added motherboard bundle pic for the heck of it since you can barely see anything in the picture... love the layout btw :)

trying to knock together a write-up of the stuff I have in there... still working on it though :)


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nothing special but somebody *cough*Sazar*cough* bugged me to up them :)

oh and I almost forgot to mention my case is dirty :p


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P4 3.0ghz @ 3.4 (800mhz FSB and HT)
MSI Neo2 Motherboard
Antec SmartPower
2x 512mb Kingston HyperX PC4000 @ 2.7v
Radeon 9800 PRO
2x 160gb Maxtor Ultra Series 8mb cache on Raid 0

and some other junk =P


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;) nice compact case breezie...

which neo2 ? 865pe or 875 ?
I had the same board :)

we are discussing some of the cases on the IRC channel if you wish to join.. check the sticky in THE LOUNGE for channel info :)
Regular Lian-li case, old shots, couldn't get the digital camera to give it justice. There's another blue neon light that is sound activated.


Chieftec case,Asus A7N8X-Deluxe,Athlon 2500 333,Thermaltake 11,two intake fans,two exhaust fans,12 inch black light cathode,9700 pro AIW
And a wiring mess atm.


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Here are a couple pics of my rig. It is an Antec SX830 that I have painted and added a window and a few other odds and ends too


loverly pics :cool:

mine's crappy so i wont post it, has no mods at all ;) :p
heh... mine is a pure base/stock system inards...I dpn't have any case modding done so don't worry henyman :)

just post it with all your cow pr0n pictures... we'll understand :cool:
nice speeedy... a passive heatsink on your cpu :eek:

been a while since I seen that... love the case :)
There's 2 CPU's under there ;)
Also there's a second HDD in front of the one in the pic.. that's an older pic :)
man those macs are pretty ... wish they didn't cost so much or I would really consider the switch :/
those that sound insulating foam really work? i heard from many reviews and people that it didnt do much
Difficult to tell, its been so long since it was put on that i kinda forgot to be honest.

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