Post your April desktop!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by AndyP, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. AndyP

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    First I'm sorry that I had to close the other thread, but read my "red markings" below and you'll see. Think of these reminders before you post:

    Please use the Attach feature to post your Desktops Images

    Also, posts with DEAD links to images will be deleted

    Please, do what you can to NOT post pictures as there still are 56K modem users out there, also it makes the thread ugly and hard to browse.

    With this in mind, I really look forward to see your April desktops and with over 10.000 views on last months thread, we have to work hard this month to break that record :)

    Happy skinning to all of you!
  2. xsivforce

    xsivforce Prodigal Son Folding Team

    Texas, USA
    Glad someone else thinks this. Cheers andyp!
  3. gajef

    gajef OSNN Addict

    Maybe it's a good idea to have the size of a picture included in the text automatically when you insert it as an attachment?

    I already posted mine in the closed thread as an attachment :)

  4. AcidBurN

    AcidBurN Guest

    My Desktop

    Well here's mine (Static theme from xcert, MMX Mercury icons converted by me, some shell32.dll replacements and lots of reshacking)

    Click my sig.........
  5. efeezee

    efeezee Guest

    Pretty basic...

    I prefer simple & clutter-free (with the exception of a crowded QuickLaunch bar)...

    I am so damn picky with toolbars, I can't seem to find a custom Toolbar I like, so I usually stick with the XP Silver bar.

    As for my CoolMon, I actually prefer StatBar, but I am having problems with it ... (See:

    I am usually more excited to see others desktops, but I figured I might as well post mine...
  6. O_o

    O_o Guest

    Well-said andyp. Last month I had to disable avatar and images to get a clean view of the board and all the threads. It was hogging up bandwidth and started getting annoying. Glad you looked into it mate. My desktop isn't quite ready yet, but almost.`
  7. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    ok, first one for april.
    the theme is an upcoming theme by Ki Shodar which i'm helping beta testing. what do u guys think?
  8. hmmm ilike the wallpaper i mean theme .... the theme looks good :D
  9. mines

    MMX icons converted by me

    wall paper converte from a mac by me

    theme is called Brushed Beta 2 by KOL
  10. Miles_Binck

    Miles_Binck Guest

  11. craigmack

    craigmack Guest

    Whered u git tha

    Acidburn whered u get that backround of the motorcycle thats f'n hot. Can u gimme link or somethin 2 it?
  12. sphere

    sphere Guest


    Here we go!

    Click Me!

    Hope you like

  13. CooL_*_TanG

    CooL_*_TanG Guest

    well time to post a britany :) she's been lonely enjoy!
    still haven't found any good toolbars other than Microsoft's one

    anyone got one that supports .lnk links or folders? that'd be great help!
  14. O_o

    O_o Guest

    AcidBurN: Where did you get those IE buttons from (I got the solid black version of them)? Could you send me 'em? And if andyp or BloodLust sees this first, could one of the three of you send me that KaZaA icon? It rules. I've been on vacation for like a week and am pretty much caught behind. So far I've seen a lot of nice desktops. Keep up the good work.

    Email: (there's an _ b/t my first/last name)
  15. DOMiNiON

    DOMiNiON Guest

    My April Desktop :)

    heeh i love my desktop, blue is the theme to go, i have Window Blinds 3.3 Enhanced but i dun like it... Well tell me what u think and if u have any questions ill be glad to show u how i did anything on my desktop :)

    My Desktop <--- CLICK!
  16. tokey22

    tokey22 Guest

    Hey where did some of you guys get those 3D ICONS?

    In particular the 3d kazaa, and photoshop ones, etc..??

  17. pothitos

    pothitos Guest

    dominion -- where did u get those 3d blue icons?
  18. G-Money

    G-Money Big Air

    Springfield Mo
    here is one for April.........

    Click me

  19. G-Money

    G-Money Big Air

    Springfield Mo
    Hey andy_rose

    how did you get the nuke symbol in the start button ???
  20. andy_rose

    andy_rose Moderator

    ok, to famine, the start button symbol is part of the theme i'm beta testing and it will be out soon.
    and to everone that wants cool the kazaa icon go HERE and HERE :)
    there u will find all that u need :cool: