Post your actual desktop! gf had her digital camera with her and i took a few pics of my room and desktop.

She is bringing her camera with her for new years when we hang out and since i dont like my picture taken i told her she could when i am drunk so then i will post that under the member pics.
Quick pic.

And in this pic we can see where I have not.

1) Cleaned
2) Finished my coffee
3) Fixed my leaning tower of stuff.
My home setup still looks the same. The uni one needs to be updated (when I get back in January) since I'm in a new room now. :)
I don't exist!!!!!

Then again I can't seem to get my wheel mouse working right.......
heres mine as of 12/29
not as neat or clean as some of the others, but it servers its purpose


  • Image3.png
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guess i'll post mine tomorrow or somethin. would post one right now, but.... well..... lemme put it this way. even I can barely see my desktop. lol. candy bags and soda bottles and paper and stuff and junk etc... you get the picture. also will be able to see the front of my brand new case when i decide to take a pic of my desktop. too bad the thing is heavy as hell.
Mine at the moment :)


  • New_Desk_DSC00249.jpg
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Most peoples desk is really tidy, don't you people ever do anything ? :)


  • Photo001.jpg
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Nope, slightly less mess and a new shelf :)
wish i could put my case somewhere else, so the LCD control panel on the front would be.... how should i say.... more easily accessible and visible? anyway, here's my desktop and.... deskbottom.


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Small desks annoy me. Must be like a phobia or something.
Must point out that these photos where taken about 10 minutes ago and the beer is now empty.


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Yeah one advantage of big desks and also the reason i'm waiting till tomorrow to post my pic; beer glasses, wine glasses.. christmas presents an' all sprawled across desk still heh. And college work hidden under it somewhere. Suprised i can find my keyboard :D
i don't like small desks either. was my mom's dumb idea to get rid of our old desk that took up quite a bit of space in the room to get this small thing.
I've got a corner desk in the basement, but this is the one I'm using now. Look at that rats nest.


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    DSC00717 copy.JPG
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  • DSC00719 copy.JPG
    DSC00719 copy.JPG
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