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Another driver for your Nvidia card, 42.92 WHQL Candidate it says download it from Here .

Instead of creating new threads (i know i am to blame:rolleyes: ) and clogging Driver section up with "Nvidia new drivers" ...again...i will post any new drivers i find or hear about in this thread.
cheers for letting us know bout the new drivers BonyTony.
i'll keep my eyes on this thread - it'll be a lot easier than having to scan through several different ones :)

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OK for what its worth ..... I was using 43.00

just installed these 42.92's ... lost 400 points in 3dmark ouch ( and now get scores as if my cpu was running at 1.5ghz ) where I run my cpu at 1.72ghz so I lost a lot ... not saying there bad drivers just for me on my setup 43.00 is tops

Trying a few games now to see cuz benchmarks dont always show true performance but sof 2 and nhl2002 have lost some zip

diablo 2 lod runs fine but thats 800X600 max res for that game

so for me I see 43.00 as the better driver the 43.30 for me was not good seems like the 43.30 is not a complete set its missing things ... so back to 43.00 for me

good idea Tony posting one thread for all the nvidia drivers saves time ...:)


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Nvidia Detonator 42.52 For Windows 2000/XP

Nvidia Detonator 42.52 For Windows 2000/XP found these on warp2search Quote" This time it's version 42.52, these were released 2/25/03"

Direct Link Here

Shamus MacNoob

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Did anyone try the 42.52?

What was it like?

I am still on the 43.00 and for me its the best yet, but would like to hear about other sets;)


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Originally posted by BonyTony
Another driver for your Nvidia card, 42.92 WHQL Candidate it says download it from Here .
I don't know that much about graphics drivers but how come this new driver isn't listed in nvidia's website??
Everytime i go to the site so i can check for the latest drivers, it tells me to download

Version: 41.09
File Size: 16.3 MB
Release Date: December 3, 2002
WHQL Candidate



You can't download those other drivers directly from Nvidia yet because they haven't been officially released.


TV out??

I have noticed that some of these "Beta" drivers have the stuff for TV out, and other's don't...any clues why?



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It seems Nvidia dont give a stuff about Tv Out small reason why i may buy Ati next time....If they did they would sort the overscan/underscan whatever you call it so i get full picture on my Tv screen....instead of having to use 3rd party software like Tv Tool (by the way is great).


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what the hell guys! im getting very low scores now. i once got 11 thousand something in 3dmark. this was when i had the 43.00 and then somehow still with the 43.00 it dropped to 8 thousand and sometign! now i have the 43.03 and i got 8 thousand and something and then i just turned everything off (quality settings) and all to performance and i got 9356 thats such a bad score! isnt it? can u plz tell me what settigns to have, and what to have installed cuz i just installed the 4-in-1 drivers, so tell me any like systems drivers/updates that will get my score higher!:(


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Nice post Gonzo even i missed them:eek:

Well a good point for me is that medal of honor spearhead has no graphical errors with this i decided to run some tests and the first one 3dmark2001se (i normally just run the game tests....but i decided to run the whole lot...boring)....i noticed i was getting the odd frame stutter especially in the pixel shading at the end (the one with the sea) now i am not sure if this happens with other drivers so i am looking into this a bit further if you notice anything odd post score was the same as 41.09.

Going to run codecreatures and a few games also found another driver read and download it here if you want Linkage
i had 13000 on 43.00, now i just hit 13366

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i fell over em today, i updated a mates pc at work and went on nvidia to get the 41.09's as i know there stable on his older pc, then noticed it didnt say 41.09 and went :eek: :eek: :eek: holy t-bird 1ghz batman there somthing i aint never even seen on guru3D, and posted em all over the main page here LOL
i had a clear run, i looked realy hard as well, cards overclocked to 322/722 so i did expect a artifact or 2 as i was running performance settings to push it to crashing point... didnt happen :cool: but the entire PC is cooled well. even have 2 80mm blowing on the copper plate that sits on the back on my TI4600.

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