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Post Counts


I don't care whose idea it was to do away with or to keep the post counts - my input into the matter would be something like this:

Post counts are unimportant to me - but - I like to see the really low counts (especially 1) - so that everyone has a chance to welcome the "newbie" when we provide the answer to the "newbie's" question.

I am only speaking for myself - but if I do not recognize the name , I probably would not go to the post count, nor the members page to see if they are a "newbie" - thus I would not include a "welcome"

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion - that is mine- take it as such!:D

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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damnyank has a good point...
maybe show post-counts only till someone hits a 100 posts, but then, imagine the amounts of 100th post parties...

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Easier said than done. I may re-add it. I may include a few spam hacks that will decrease post counts too ;) - but seeing as none of you seem to be too fussed what your count is, you should be ok!
Nah don't hack post counts. I like my post counts ( yes, I spam :) )
but seriously, I think post counts show your participation in the threads, useful, or not.

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