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Possibly looking for a calendar that we can use for our website


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Hey guys,

I'm doing the website for my fire department, and a couple of the members have expressed interest in possibly placing a calendar on the website, so that we can actively show members what's going on with our drills, meetings, and mandatory stuff. As of right now I'm really not too concerned about passwording the thing but that may be a future request.

Any ideas? I'm looking for something that's easy to use and very customizable.


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Another vote for google calendar. You can have multiple calendars display on one calendar or disable them one by one depending on who needs to see what. Very nice. =)


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I'm just curious guys... Google Calendar. I have a few users here on the township side of the building (who use POP3, so no Outlook / Exchange calendar) who want to be able to use a collaborative calendar. Does Google Calendar allow them to be able to have separate logins logging into the same calendar, and you can see all of the changes? So basically user 1, user 2, and user 3 have separate logins, and can add their time to the same calendar?

That would be two birds with one stone!


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Thanks guys.

I have a question about Google Calendar. I'm taking a look at the options (Both for my website, and for my customer). Right now Google Calendar seems to be a great way to be able to use it for my customer (3 people that want to share).

For my website though, I'm curious... I opted for the option to Share my calendar publicly. It then showed me the option to be able to use the code to promote it on the website. Due to Cookie Variations, I decided to test it out by using IE. One of the things that bugs me is that it appears you're required to have an account to even view the calendar. Is this true?

If it's going on my website, I want everyone to be able to view the events unconditionally.


Edit: Never mind. Further looking at the settings, I have found the "Private" link that allows everyone to see everything with the calendar. Funny, the private link is the one I want to use publicly. :)

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