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Possible to use a coupler & 2 patch cables to get internet?


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Hey guys,

Here's the situation. Today I switched from one room, to another in the house. The router & cable modem stay in my room. There is a patch cable, going from my room, to my old room. Then, that patch cable connects to a coupler, and then a black cable connects to the other end of the coupler and connects to the other computer in the kitchen.

The problem comes in that her computer was constantly saying that it was connected to the internet, and then disconnected. Then, I went out and reversed the cables on the black wire, so that they match with the opposite wire... basically making the two wires opposite of each other so it should make a straight through... now it's just flat out saying she's got an unplugged ethernet cable.

What can I do in order to make this work? Here is a cheapo diagram I made for someone else so you can see the situation.

Think ya guys can help me? The blank area between the red cable and the blue cable is supposed to be the coupler. I don't know what the wiring scheme for going through a coupler is supposed to be, whether it's reversed or what... I don't even know if that's the problem. When her patch cable is connected to my router [before I switched the wiring scheme] the router showed it as an active connection.
The wiring in the coupler should just be straight through. As long as both cables are wired as straight through cat5 and not crossovers it should be okay. Just double check all rj45 connectors and that the cables work from your other PC.
No, each computer has to be connected to the router. That's what routers do, split an incoming internet to multiple computers.

- run a cable from the router to the kitchen.
- If there is a problem getting from the kitchen to your old room move the router into your new room. Connect it's input to the cable modem, a short straigth through to your computer and a longer straight through from the router to the kitchen computer.

Is there a reason you can't move the router? The Modem to router connection cable is sometimes a cross over but check the router to see if it has a switch that will let you use straight through. Or you can cut one of the longer straight through cables and swap the xmit/rcv pairs..
I think thats basically what he's doing LeeJend, it's just been made in a roundabout way by connecting the cables with a coupler.


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Yep, there is a cable going from my router to the old room [initial point of the router] and a cable going from the kitchen to the old room... I placed a coupler in between connecting the new room + old room, and old room + kitchen...

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