Possible re-releasing the Dreamcast in Japan


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According to a engadget post today, it could happen. only in japan though:disappointed: link to story

Sega’s not flapping their yapper so far as we can tell, but German gaming site Gamefront.de is claiming they’re going to be re-releasing the frickin’ Dreamcast bundled with Radilgy and some limited edition telephone card or something. But our wish come true from the Ghost of Hackable Consoles Past will probably be Japan-only though, distributed through Sega Direct for ¥10,000 (about $83 US) — still, could this be the triumphant return of Sega hardware, even if only just nostalgia-gear? Apparently we’ll find out February 16th (or sooner).
I still play mine, It was and is still IMHO a super system,


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I remember the Dreamcast. I thought Sega just about dropped off the map (I only see a few games released from them every once in a while).


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Fantastic. Hopefully they will start production of the BBA's again then :D

Still play my DC to this day, best console I've ever owned.

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Sorry for the bump; I guess this didn't go through, huh! Well, it's not Feb 16th yet...but it's not 'sooner' either!

I still have my Dreamcast and a bundle of games; Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, and Soul Caliber are in my favourite games list..and there aren't too many of those.

I like Sega. I had a GameGear with a few games for it and a TV tuner, those really fun. I had a Saturn, too, with Tomb Raider, The Need for Speed, um, Gex I think. That one didn't take off too well either. Should I ever have tonnes of spare $$$ to throw around I'd buy 'em again.


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I thought I was the only one who still liked/had a Dreamcast! Mine died and I actually purchased a pre-owned at EB for $15.

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