Possible new system specs...


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21 Jan 2004
Thinking of this for my system:

eVGA nVidia 780i motherboard
Intel Q6600(Quad Core) CPU
2GB(2x1GB) DDR2-1066 OCZ Platinum Memory
eVGA 8800GTS(G92) 512MB video card

This will be an update to my current system, so I will be using the same case, hard drives, optical drives and power supply.

Let me know what you think!
mm... maybe u should wait some days to see if the new yorkfield cores come out (actually, they're just two wolfdales glued together :p)

they're 45nm and feature 12mb cache memory
and these new cpu's transistors are hafnium based, so it's supposed to perform better and be more power efficient

the rest seems good, but why are u changing ur 3d board?
I chose the Q6600 for the price. How before the Yorkfields are released?

I am actually keeping my GTX, the GTS is going with the old system.
well.. apparently they've been delayed till this month.. but no official word

i'd still wait, specially with ur actual system (which is pretty good)

oh.. cool bout the gpu btw :]
I have been reading some more about the new Penryn cores...I don't know if I can wait...I am getting itchy fingers...LOL

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