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Possible new STM times for Virgin Media


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Have read many a post about these guys, believe they are the ones that basically kill ALL bt traffic for a block of time each day.


- geek -
The new CEO of Virgin Media is putting his cards on the table early, branding net neutrality 'a load of *******s' and claiming he's already doing deals to deliver some people's content faster than others... If you aren't prepared to cough up the extra cash, he says he'll put you in the Internet 'bus lane.'
People need to start leaving this ISP in droves ...

Dark Atheist

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but when a CEO brands net neutrality *******s you know that the customers will be the ones that suffer, as with the stm times, i have 20mb connection and when they bring in these new times (i don't say if as we all know they will be brought in) i will only be able to use the full speed of my connection for a few hours a day, so they are ripping me off and limiting when i can download or stream what i want too, yet they claim and are putting a spin on it already that you can still download as much as you like, but not when you like, when they were cable inet/blueyonder they were **** hot now they just seem to be ****.

I have already looked into Be and their exchange is about 1343m from where i live so i should get a good speed from them, once i know how virgin are going to **** me about im off

Evil Marge

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Most places say you need a BT phone line. We don't have a BT phone line or any phone line for that matter and have no intentions of getting one :rolleyes:

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