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Possible GTA:SA Leak?


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~bk said:
What's with all the leakage of the games?
. First Doom 3, then Halo 2 and now GTA: San Andreas?
It's waaay more than that, but I guess now it's easier to acquire leaked games than ever before.


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games being leaked is nothing new, ~bk... I'm pretty sure that every major iD game since Doom has been leaked prior to release, and in fact, most warez stuff is initially from leaks..


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well I think it's a bigger news story now than it was before because of all the news outlets and the video game boom having it's effects on the economies of every country pretty much... I remember being in college and having a modded psone and having Tony Hawk 2 a week before it came out...but I mean it's been long enough that people should have realized this happens and be more careful

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