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Possible fix for the Voicemail text message thing


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One of the side effects of certain mods is that when you access your voicemail, you get a blank text message afterwards. I had this even before I modded my phone, but it was factory unlocked.

This has pissed me off since I got my phone and I think I finally found a fix today. The message is always from "^@" but the first symbol is a triangle, which isnt one of the available symbols on the phone. So if you have this problem, go to your voicemail or do whatever you have to do to get this text message. Then you need to copy the senders name. Go to Message setup>MMS setup>filter. Then just paste the senders name in there and you shouldnt get those messages anymore.

Please let me know if this fixes the problem. I cant imagine that it was this easy and nobody ever thought of it. Or maybe somebody has. Let me know...

I guess this doesnt work. You actually have to get a voicemail to get the text message. I just kept going to my voicemail and never got the message so I assumed this worked.
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