Possible Counter-Strike & XP Pro Problems! Need Help!



Ok here gos....

I have WindowsXP Pro installed! I have Half-Life installed and Counter-Strike FULL Mod{None Retail} 1.3 installed.

Now I setup the game as usual. My name and Controls ect ect.

OK for quick reference heres the problem. And I never had this problem with Windows ME. This CRAP happened when I went to XP Pro.


Now I setup my left and right arrow keys to do just that, MOVE LEFT AND RIGHT.

In the game when I go to use left and right it doesn't work right. When I use the keys I just don't move left or right, it makes me go to CROUCH and moves me left and right. This is not what I want or set. Its annoying and when I try to move out of the way fast I can't now because, when I do it crouchs me while moving left or right?
Now I don't have any of the keys setting in the control config in game or out crossed. I have double checked over and over and I still have the problem.
And again I have nothing set any different then I did when I had my ME install! So I am thinking XP is screwing with something or CS is just not very compatible with XP!!

OK here is a update! I reinstalled CS. THe problem went away! For a hort while then returned?? WTF!!!

Something is screwing with CS damn it!!
OH yeah another food for thought.... I also have Day Of Defeat Mod also and that works fine! And the Controls for that are almost identical to COunter-Strike! HMMMM
That sounds very bizarre, try going to options and use the default controls, never seen this problem before!
Try maybe binding the keys to play through the config.cfg file (In the cstrike directory) manually. That is wierd.
Yeah check the config.cfg isnt read-only, I had that problem once.

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