Portable MP3 Players


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Hey all
I will be shortly returning to university, and this year i decided to be sensible and rip all my cds to the hdd (rather than leave a tresure troove of about 200+ albums for someone to pinch) because of this i thought gettin a portable mp3 player would be a good idea.

What advice does people have on these i only want a small cheap one no creative daps or anything. also the ability to carry other data would be useful.

Finally do any read ogg files??

Cheers :)
The majority of mp3 players hold a mere 128MB.

I recommend getting a CD player that will play mp3s. Not only do they cost less, but they store more! 700MB of songs will get you quite a ways. Most CD players will also read the ID3 tags as well :) I have a Panasonic one that barely goes through any batteries at all!

I don't know of any inexpensive OGG players, unfortunately.


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The Creative MuVoNX does data as well I think you can get them up to 128MB not sure on their price though they are cheaper than the Jukeboxes.

Also there arent really many OGG Vorbis players which I think is stupid and I am still in the fight to get creative to add OGG support to their devices which they claim there is no market for.

If you get one of the Nomad devices then you can still keep your collection in OGG though if you buy Notmad as that has a special piece of software which transcodes on the fly as the file is being transfered to your player.