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The One and Only
ok, i'm gettin kinda tired of the blue screen error messages when i'm downloading something with BitTorrent (or any of the custom software made off of it). Right after formatting my computer, i can download stuff just fine. But after a little while, i will get blue screens after it has been downloading a file. When i was looking through the preferences today, i found that the software i use, which now is BitTornado, is set up to use a wide range of ports. Then i thought to myself "maybe certain system files are trying to access one of the ports at the same time BitTornado happens to be". is there a program that can figure out what files/programs are using what ports? in the blue screen it has shown files ranging from what appeared to be a .dll for my NVIDIA drivers, sometimes it seemed to be a file for Norton Antivirus. I've even had one that mentioned tcpip.sys i think.


The One and Only
sorry bout the double post, but have another question.

anybody know where i could download the patch mentioned in this knowledge base article, without having to contact microsoft about it? Kinda stupid philosophy MS has.... "yeah, you need this patch. one problem though. you can't download it right now. you must contact us to verify that you do have the mentioned problem"

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