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Port Blocking


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I am using Kerio Beta 6 Firewall. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to block specific ports. I am thinking of port 135 in particular.
avatar can you pimp that site anymore, i think most people have seen it before anyway!

Also if you remove the RPC service on 135 which is indeed possible and may sites documented you loose network connectivity, so not a good idea for a system on a LAN.


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Enyo, I'm afraid some of the article above went over my head.

However am I right in thinking it is as well to have port 135 blocked each way? (I have blocked it at the moment, and everything appears to be running OK)

Also if 135 should be blocked, should any oif the other ports be blocked, without causing me too many troubles with running applications?
135 should be permitted locally if you have a local network, if you dont its fine just to block it completly.

The article above describes how to remove 135 from even listening for connections.

Its fine and recommended to have 135 blocked from access to the internet.
kerio 3 beta and open ports

I need to close the following in KErio 3 Beta but can't find the settings etc:

5000 uPnP
135 RPC

Help much appreciated

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